What would an "up-to-date" version of UpToDate look like?

December 2022

Using a pile of Javascript to make GPT-3.5 do something useful.

October 2022

Secular trends in publishing models, open access research, and AI are finally making it feasible to give patients the health information they need.

August 2022

And what would a "good" WebMD look like?

April 2022

Online health information is terrible. How can we fix it?

February 2022

A jeremiad against current online health information and a proposal for fixing it

March 2021

Part 2 of my New York Times investigation, where I take a close look at what kinds of articles make it to the front page.
Part 1 of a series on the New York Times, in which I take a close look at how (and when) the New York Times tests multiple headlines for a single…

February 2020

Improve your life by doing things with convex payoffs

January 2020

Which self-help is worth reading, and how to get the most from it
When to accept criticism and when to ignore it
When good ideas make bad business